Protecting Pollinators

Insect pollinators, which include species of bee, moth, hoverfly, fly, butterfly and beetle, play an essential role in England and around the world as the providers of vital pollination services for many commercial crops and wild plant species.

Key Reasons to Protect our Insect Pollinators

  •  They are responsible for every third mouthful we eat.
  • They pollinate crops containing essential nutrients, such as fruits, beans and vegetables.
  • Their pollination services are free; without them, pollinating our crops would become a very expensive and time-consuming task.
  • Their loss would exacerbate plant declines, such as losses seen in wildflowers.
  • They are part of complex ecosystems: other wildlife depends on pollinators and the plants they pollinate for shelter and food.
  • They are intrinsically valuable as a beautiful, fascinating and very diverse group of animals.
  • They are of huge value to our culture: people love bees, butterflies, hoverflies and other pollinators!